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How can we strengthen family relationships?


When a family member who lives far away is sick send a
video showing your family members sending them a get
well message.

How can we get our children involved in family night?

Give Each Family Member a Job

Give each family member an assignment for family night. Children will be more willing to participate if they feel like they are being included in the planning process rather than being told what they will do. Assignments can include such things as inspirational thought, lesson, treat, activity, etc.

How can families stay in touch?

Form A Reunion Committee

Form a reunion committee and delegate tasks; you
can't do it all yourself. Set up committees for
contacting relatives, one for decorations, one for
food and drink, etc. Then enlist volunteers who are
suited to handle each one.

When should we have family night?

Be Consistent

Set aside one night a week for family night. Make sure it's the same night every week so that your family won't make other plans on that night. Choosing a day at the beginning of the week is often best since there tend to be fewer scheduling conflicts.

What should we do on family night?

Keep It Simple

Many families don't have family night because they think it has to be more involved than it really needs to be. Keep family night simple. Remember that being together is the most important thing. You don't have to leave your home or spend a dime to have a successful family night. You can watch a family movie together, play a game, do a craft project, provide service for a neighbor, read a book, go for a walk, etc.

How can families stay in touch?

Planning A Reunion

Start at least one year ahead of time; longer for
groups of more than 100.

What things should families avoid on family night?

Family Night -- Not Discipline Night

Don't use family night as a time to bring up your child's behavior problems or misconduct. For instance, if your child stole something during the week, don't use family night as a time to teach about the vices of stealing. It's likely you've already discussed this and your child will not want to participate in family nights if he/she thinks it will be a time to bring up his/her faults or mistakes.

How can I improve communication with family members?

Back and Forth Journals

Does the daily hustle and bustle keep you from telling your family all the things you wanted to share with them? Try starting a back and forth journal. Begin by purchasing a small journal or notebook for each family member. Write down all the things you wanted to tell them during the day. Give the journal to the family member and have them respond. Many times people will share thoughts in writing that they wouldn't in person.

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