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Where can I take my family for the day?

Public Libraries

There's something for everyone at the library. Many libraries offer special classes, reading groups, storytime and more. Check with your local library for details. Also, try checking out different items such as videos, audio books, magazines, computer programs, etc. Return to the library on a regular basis (i.e. once a week, once every two weeks).

What´s a fun game for a large group of people?

"Mother Elephant"

Are you looking for a fun game to entertain a group of children that doesn't cost a dime? Try playing "Mother Elephant". Be warned! Click here for complete instructions.

What is a parent´s role at a child´s sporting event?

Positive Cheerleading

When you attend your child's sporting event, be sure to encourage them in a positive way. Telling children they didn't play well or that they should have done better won't inspire them to greater heights. Let the coach do the coaching. Your job is to let them know you think they are great, whether they win or lose the game.

What are some fun games we can play as a family?

Fun, Free, Old-time Favorites

You don't have to spend a lot of money on board games to have fun with your family. Try instead some of these old time favorites: hide-n-seek; charades; Mother may I?; musical chairs; red rover; duck, duck, goose; red light, green light.

What are some good ways to have family activities?

Family Activities-Hobbies

Choose a hobby that can involve the whole family. Some suggestions are attending the live theater, learning about the history of your town or city, birdwatching, or gardening. Family hobbies can be started when children are very young and can grow as your family grows, including young and old alike.

What kind of hobbies can my family do together?

Family Collections

Begin a collection the whole family can enjoy. Anything can be collected. Be creative and choose items that are within your budget. Key chains, Pez containers, stamps, postcards, rocks are just a few ideas to get you started.

How do I make playdo?

Best Ever Play-do

Children of all ages love to make creations using play-do. Give them some cookie cutters, a rolling pin, a dull butter knife, and they'll amuse themselves for hours.

Where can I take my family for the day?

Picnic in the Park

Going on outings is an all time family favorite. If you don't have a park nearby, try going to your local elementary school during off hours or school breaks. They usually have play equipment for younger children and basketball hoops and soccer/football fields for older children. Don't forget to bring a ball.

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