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How can I preserve family memories?

Saving Memories

To preserve your treasured family memories consider buying a video camera to record special events such as birthdays and holidays.

How can I preserve family memories?

A Day in the Life Scrapbook

Make a day in the life of your family scrapbook. Take photos of one day in your family's life and go to a one hour photo developer. Then make it a family night and let everyone help put the book together.

How can I preserve family memories?

Theme Scrapbooks

Create theme scrapbooks that focus on one theme at a time such as a family vacation. Include photos and other trip memorabilia to make the book unique.

How can we preserve family memories?

Duplicate Photos for Projects

When having photos developed get a second set and use those for projects such as photo placemats. Get archival paper and create a collage from the photos, then laminate the collage and use as a placemat!

How can I preserve family memories?

Making it Last

Use archival quality scrapbooks to preserve written memorabilia. Also use a deacidification spray on newspaper clippings to retard yellowing of the paper.

How can I preserve family memories?

Making Copies

Frame and display a color photocopy of an ancestor's photograph instead of the original which will fade in the sunlight.

How can we preserve family memories?

CD Photo Albums

Save your digital photos on CD and use photo editing programs to create CD scrapbooks.

How can we be more organized at home?

Home Organizing

Go through your piles of photographs. Create piles for good and bad. Toss the bad, share the duplicates with friends and family. Buy some acid-free photo boxes or albums and spend 1/2 hour a week organizing the rest.

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