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Where can I get information on adoption?

International Adoption in Canada

A Canadian citizen can adopt a child from a foreign country (including the US). There are several steps: -

1) Contact your Province/Territory - Ministry of Community and Social Services. They should give their approval.
2) Contact an adoption agency, which deals with International adoptions.
3) Contact CIC - to get immigration visa for the minor. It's important, since the minor can't enter Canada without having this document, even if you completed the adoption process in the child's country.

What are some tips for adopting a "special needs" child?

Special Needs Adoption

For parents out there who are bemoaning the fact that
there are no children in the US to adopt and foreign
adoption is too expensive, why not consider special
needs adoption?

Special needs does not always mean "handicapped". A
child with a special need can be an older child or a
sibling group. Did you realize that boys are
considered less adoptable than girls? There are
many "special" children available for adoption.
Some may be severely disabled, but some are almost
"normal". In my state special needs adoptions are
free. The state pays all adoption fees. In some
cases an adoption subsidy is available to help care
for the children. Some also qualify for public aide

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