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How can we strengthen family relationships?

Blended Families

Put your marriage first. Spend time alone with your spouse
to nurture the relationship. Strong marriages make
the task of blending families much easier.

How can we improve our marriage?

Praise Works

Use praise to change bad habits. Instead of criticizing
all the time, be sure to lavish the praise for things
well done.

How can we improve our marriage?

Fighting Fair

A few minutes away from a heated discussion can help restore
a sense of control. If you are in the midst of a heated
discussion tell the other person that you are taking
a break and then take one. But don't fail to come back
when calmer and work out the problem.

How can we strengthen family relationships?


Take time for rituals. Nightly bedtime stories or saying
grace before meals creates unity. Family dinner times
and family activity nights build up family strength.

How can we improve our marriage?

Curb Criticism

Control the way you argue. Don't resort to name calling
or yelling. Try not to use "you make me mad", but rather
say "I feel this way when you _____". It is far less
accusatory and lets the other person know how you feel
rather than having them feel criticized.

How can families show love?

Love 'em

Let your kids know that they are loved by you every
day of their lives. A hug, a shoulder to unload on, a
trip to the corner store are all great ways to show
your love.

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